"Vie d'Alt" from the Friulian language means "High Road", the name that from generations we give at our first vineyard it was purchased from the founder venica Antonio in 1915.

A hundred years of history accompany the development of the Vie d'Alt winery, at today it extends for 18 hectares of vineyards in Prepotto, an important wine production area, both for its climatic characteristics and local soils and it is part of DOC "Friuli Colli Orientali".

It is the commitment and dedication, handed down throught four generations on the winery, the use of innovative technologies and respect for traditional wine-making techniques that bring the winery's unique products to the table.

The owner Bruno, his wife Paola, daughters Nadia, Mara togheter Christian and Giulia employ all their energies in managing the winery's vineyards and cellars to produce wines of quality.


Since 2009 we have installed solar and photovoltaic panels to produce clean energy. In 2010 we finished the construction of the new winery complete with a large tasting room to improve hospitality towards costumer.


For the protection of flora and fauna, we combine traditional methods with modern awareness. For years we don't use herbicides and limit the use of insecticides. Our vineyars cover all in hills and to achieve the highest quality we harvesting exclusively by



VIE D'ALT Azienda Agricola di Bruno Venica - Via Craoretto 16, 33040 Prepotto (Udine)